Returns or Exchanges: Which Is Better for Your Company?

For some retail companies, it’s very clear what strategy is best for deliveries.

That’s especially true for retailers who work with ShipNow, the proprietary platform that connects you with the best drivers and routes for every order. You’ll always know what’s going to be the fastest and most affordable option when the order goes through—automatically.

That’s great for multiple reasons; it allows you to get orders to customers on time and guarantee that timeline. It also helps you save money (by reducing gas prices and driver costs). It also lets you pass those savings on to customers, giving them a better experience and building loyalty.

But what about the next steps? Sometimes products simply don’t work out. Shoes can be the wrong size; a child might change their mind about which toy they want for their birthday.

It’s best to give your customers options to exchange or return their products.

In fact, it’s especially important to offer both of those choices.

That’s because modern customers like to have flexibility over their purchases. You should give them that control. But your company might still have a preference about what you’d rather see.

And you can influence which action they choose to take. Should they return their sweater and try to find something else to stay warm? Or should they exchange it for another size or color?

Which option is best for your company, if you can help convince them to choose between either of those options?

Returns: This is a benefit that customers desire the most; they want to know when they make a purchase that they won’t be locked into the commitment. Some companies let buyers keep unused products as many as 120 days without penalty (especially during the holidays, when it’s important to buy gifts in advance).

Exchanges: This is typically best for your company, because you retain the original sum that was contributed for the original product, without any refunds or recalculations. You won’t see discrepancies in your bottom line from month to month, or one fiscal quarter to the next.

If you’re saving your company and your customers money on the original leg of shipping by using ShipNow to find the best drivers, you have flexibility in this area. But you can subtly encourage the one you’d like them to pursue with the wording in your ads and emails, through customer service representatives, or even by directly offering better incentives if they choose one over the other (such as free exchanges, but a small fee when you make a return).

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