Get Your Own Fleet of Drivers – and Save Money

Most companies don’t find it convenient to manage their own fleet of drivers. There’s a lot of overhead involved, from extra staff salaries to car insurance. You need somewhere to store the vehicles you manage, and those assets only decrease in value the longer they’re used.

Instead, many companies rely on big-name trucking services for long-haul shipments. But the main problem is how busy the trucking companies are with other commitments to hundreds of other companies. Your company will never be their main priority. You aren’t in control.

Regardless, you might need to form a commitment—especially if you want to get the best rates. You can sign a long-term contract, agreeing to use that company instead of any of its competitors. That puts you into a box, locked into fixed fees and unable to negotiate.

That also means you aren’t able to negotiate better prices or better delivery times for your customers. If you want to offer specials or lower your prices to compete with others in your industry, you’ll have to swallow those costs.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you had access to your own fleet of drivers?

But what if you didn’t have to own the vehicles or hire the drivers on your staff?

Welcome to all of the possibilities available to you with ShipNow.

ShipNow connects businesses with a complete list of available drivers. That includes available drivers from established delivery companies as well as private drivers with their own cars who might be willing to connect with your company for local deliveries for significantly cheaper fares. Often, individuals have lower fees because companies don’t also have to take a cut.

Regardless, that’s not something you need to work out. ShipNow compares the rates from all available drivers who can complete the shipments for every order that’s made for your company. It also calculates the fastest routes. And then it averages the best of those options. If you wind up with several possible options to choose from, you can see how drivers are rated.

Because you can always find the fastest and cheapest route, you’ll save money. You can pass these savings on to your customers. Skip the contracts and stand out from the competition.

Access your own fleet of drivers anytime and start saving money today with Shipnow.

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