Shipping Nightmares: Lost Packages & Late Deliveries

Have you ever experienced a lost package or late delivery that caused massive problems for you? If not, you’re extremely lucky. But you’re also in the minority.

As today’s customers increasingly rely on e-commerce for everyday shopping needs, there’s a big chance that something will eventually go wrong with an order at exactly the wrong time.

For many consumers, a shipping delay or lost package is more than just an inconvenience. It can turn into a total nightmare.

Here are three examples, from real customer testimonies:

Birthday BluesTo cheer myself up for a birthday that I was spending alone while my husband traveled for work, I ordered a special birthday cake from a gourmet bakery. I had always wanted to try it, and I finally decided to spoil myself. On my end, everything looked fine. Apparently, the order never reached the bakery’s system. By the time the cake was supposed to arrive at my house, the bakery was closing and could not start a new order or send anything to my house. It was late in the evening and too much of a hassle to find something else that would be open. After dinner, I simply watched TV and went to bed--like any other night. No birthday for me!

Bad BusinessWe were trying to win an important contract from a huge company in our industry. It would have totally changed our bottom line for the rest of the year to land these new clients, so we were doing everything we could to lock in the deal. We wined and dined their senior staff on multiple occasions, we sent thank-you gifts to their office, and we spent hundreds of hours preparing for our big presentation to their CEO. But we shipped all of our materials overnight to their headquarters ahead of the big day. What a mistake! We should have just rented a van and driven it up ourselves. As you can imagine, our materials never arrived. We had to discuss our vision for their business without any visuals, without handouts, without the gifts we meant to leave with them when we left. At least we had our notes online, but we panicked and looked unprepared because it was not what we had planned and it didn’t look like we had done enough to go above and beyond the competition--who eventually landed the client.

The Bride and GloomIt was my wedding day and we were having the ceremony in another state. It was stressful getting everything organized with vendors who I had mostly never met, but they seemed reputable and I had a great team of family members and bridesmaids to help out. The only thing that I was waiting for when the big day came was my dress, which obviously had to finish alterations in my own town and then needed to be shipped to my hotel just before the wedding--no big deal! We paid extra for personal delivery from the tailor. But that turned out to be a big mistake. The local driver from our city got lost trying to locate the hotel once they arrived. They were in the next town over! We had to make a choice to start the wedding on time or pay a lot of fees to delay the entire thing and wait for my dress. Thankfully, I had a different outfit for the reception, so that’s what I got married was such a disaster, refunding my money for the dress simply wasn’t enough!

You can help avoid these catastrophes and ensure that your customers don’t have to worry when they complete purchases through your company. Find shipping partners with ShipNow.

ShipNow helps you find drivers that match your routes. Work with trustworthy drivers to complete either long or short legs of your journey, making shipping as quick and convenient as possible. You can break orders down into geographic regions, saving time with more direct travel. Your last-mile efficiency will make a big difference in terms of both time and overall cost.

Plus, ShipNow allows both you and your customers to track packages in real time. So there will never be a last-minute surprise when an order doesn’t arrive on time. If there is some kind of emergency along the way, you’ll be alerted right away and be able to connect with another local driver to take up the order and ensure it keeps moving. That’s a flexibility that most big-name shipping companies can’t guarantee. In fact, it’s often a void of contract, costing you extra.

Eliminate shipping nightmares and make customer dreams come true with Shipnow.

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