Storage Units with a Personal Touch

Some people choose storage facilities because they don’t think they have a choice.

When you think of storage facilities, you think of huge industrial buildings or parking lots full of uniform, adjoined garages. Sometimes they’re indoors, and climate-controlled; sometimes they’re outdoors and subject to the seasons.

Some people like that these places are impersonal franchises, owned by absent landlords and watched by hourly managers and security workers. They want to be able to come and go with privacy and little oversight.

The problem with those huge storage unit rental facilities is that they don’t offer a lot of flexibility.

For example, you can only choose from a limited number of storage unit sizes: small, medium, large. You typically need to enter a contract for a fixed length of time (one months, three months, six months, one year) and pay up-front for at least half. You usually pay a flat rate, which is the same rate that everyone else had to pay. If you need to extend your stay, you might run into difficulties. Your unit might already be sold.

But there is another way to store your belongings in a safe way, with a more personal touch.

Rent directly from individuals who own storage spaces of all shapes and sizes, anywhere in the world. Connect with them through Warehouzz. You’ll get the best rate by talking to real people.

Choose if climate control is important to you. Determine the length of your rental--and extend if necessary. Negotiate your rate, and pick a partner who works best for you. Browse a great range of sizes, from sheds and crawl spaces to large garages and warehouses.

All of these options are part of the menu when you log into Warehouzz. You pick the details that best match what you’re looking for--instead of being limited by cookie-cutter storage rentals.

Instead of being boxed in, what you actually buy is the freedom to store your items your own way. And you get to cut out the middleman, working directly with property owners instead of managers and desk workers. They can give you the best price, because no-one else is getting a cut of the pay.

The best part is that you don’t need to find the right highway exit an hour from nowhere to drop off your possessions. You can find the right spot just around the corner from where you are by browsing the map of possibilities on Warehouzz.

Store your belongings your way, and work with real people who care, with Warehouzz.

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