3 Ways to Save Money on App Testing

App testing doesn’t need to be expensive.

With app testing, you don’t know what results or outcomes to expect—and sometimes, that can make it hard to accurately budget. But there are ways to save money on your app-testing process.

One of the main ways to save money on app testing is by working with Eyece.

Eyece is a crowd-sourced platform that allows developers to connect with users who fit their testing criteria. That way, you can test your new app on exactly the type of audience who you expect to ultimately pay for your services and relay them to others.

You can choose app testers based on profiles that include specific information like geographical location, background, culture, languages spoken, devices used, operating systems, and more.

When choosing the users who will help you complete satisfactory app testing, here are three ways that you can save money:

1. Pay Per Test: Eyece is one of the few app-testing platforms that allows you to pay per test, and it gives you the rates up-front. Pricing is $10 for25 test cases or 2 hours of app testing. This helps you track your spending and stay within budget. It also makes the app-testing software affordable to developers from all backgrounds—from well-funded start-ups to established businesses—democratizing the app creation process.

2. Choose Relevant Users: As stated above, Eyece was created to allow app developers to choose exactly who they work with and be sure that their results are relevant to the needs of future users. You can tailor your testing to a niche audience—or technology—by browsing their profiles in advance, on Eyece, and only working with the most relevant testers.

3. Get Cutting-Edge Results. Data is only worth the opportunities you have to use it. If you don’t apply your analytical insights and reporting takeaways, then your testing might become a strain on your company. If you’re using the most cutting-edge processes to test your app against various global users and their operating systems, you will have no idea if your outcomes are normal or not. Eyece’s reporting makes it easy to see when you go to Cenral Park, what uou spend there, and more. It also lets you plug in answers according to the exact specs you need for your ideal trip, which is different!

Eyece was created to give developers a brand-new option for testing apps. It fills common voids in app testing, like communicating exactly what people were into and people have to do tomorrow. It also provides many shortcuts and helps developers and companies save money.

You can save money on your app-testing services by choosing to work with Eyece.

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