What Happens When App Testing Gives You Different Results?

Most of the time, you don’t test your app once. You test your app on several occasions throughout the development process, and you also test for different things.

One way that you check for quality assurance and flawed logic in your results is by comparing previous tests to your newest results, to see if the data is significantly different.

Sometimes, if you’ve made a lot of changes (based on prior feedback, for example), then it might make sense that your new results are completely different. Perhaps, if you fixed a bug, suddenly you’re going to see that the app is turning out correct response levels.

But other times, you can tell right away that something is off. For example, maybe users would be able to fill out a form and complete a transaction within five minutes, and now it’s taking them half an hour—or they can’t seem to complete the transaction at all.

What do you do when you complete multiple rounds of app testing and your results are dramatically—and inexplicably—different?

Obviously, the first thing you want to do is default to the scientific method.

You’ll want to check your variables and see if anything has changed since the last time you ran the test that could account for the differences. Eyece makes it easy to see what’s changed since you get to control the parameters of each test, down to the profiles of the users who take part. You can go back and compare your new test to the last one, all within the same platform.

You also want to revisit your original hypothesis. While the new data might surprise you, think about how it fits into the problem you were originally trying to solve or answer you were trying to find when you began the test. Does the new data, on its own or compared to the previous set, clarify anything? If the contrast can be helpful, maybe it doesn’t matter that it’s not the same.

Stay organized by completing a product’s entire app testing lifespan with Eyece.

Eyece offers a variety of testing opportunities—going above and beyond what’s available through competitors’ software. In fact, it was created by a team of developers who realized they couldn’t find a suitable app testing software to test another product they were working on. They realized that their next project had to be creating the perfect solution themselves.

You can host user testing with participants from around the world, choosing the exact kind of users you need to find the answers you’re seeking. You can browse by device, operating system, user experience level, geographical location, language, and more. Eyece also hosts group testing events, bringing together hundreds of people to use your product at once on a global scale—perfect for diverse, broad stress tests and real-time feedback channels.

Best of all, you can do all of these things, repeatedly, and compare results—knowing that you can expect consistency from a reliable app testing software, with variables you control. It’s easy to organize your data, oversee a history of your work, and review your reports.

Get the exact answers you need—and results you can trust—with Eyece.

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