Healthcare Industry Sees Promising Future with FieldFeeds

Commercial buildings, healthcare centers, restaurants, schools, etc. all these spaces are designed to provide the best service to its occupants. A lot of time, effort and investment goes into the construction and maintenance of these projects.

Considering how vast these facilities are, its often difficult to keep a track and maintain lengthy records, assign tasks on a day-to-day basis, etc.

Introducing ‘FieldFeeds’, a robust software designed for various industry verticals such as real estate, utility, energy, automobile, healthcare, etc. The idea of introducing FieldFeeds is to efficiently manage time, cost and build customer trust.

Download the FieldFeeds app on your IOS or Android device for easy access of your facility.

The functionality of FieldFeeds is best understood with an example. Take the hospital facility for example.

Hospital is a place that requires regular maintenance and care. Facilities such as elevators, machines, devices, etc. need to be in the best of condition. Anything that’s overlooked can magnify the issue.

Ready for Surprise Inspection. One app for multiple issues. FieldFeeds is a comprehensive platform that enables its users to report any issue in just a click. Use the inbuilt QR code to scan against an asset which will notify the facility manager instantly.

This feature prepares you for surprise inspections. Also known as ‘quick reporting’ app, it will give you the confidence to sort any issue before it gets serious. 

Monitoring the Cleaning Staff. Maintaining a clear work environment is vital to the healthcare industry. With so many patients and people moving in and out of hospitals, measures must be taken to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Monitoring and tracking the work of a huge staff can be challenging.

FieldFeeds, gives you the advantage to track staff work by sending and receiving live-video feeds, chats, etc. This way you get a direct update from your staff and work is in control.     

Project Status. Regular project tracking and update is important. The FieldFeeds dashboard gives you the flexibility of adding roles, responsibilities, projects, facilities and assets from a single dashboard.  

You now have a structured database of the management and members handling respective projects and responsibilities.   

Data Management. FieldFeeds also supports data management. Storing every patient record, bills, huge files, etc. requires you to have an efficient management system.

FieldFeeds provides you with a box account. You can either opt to use your own storage or configure with your own business account.   

When an app like FieldFeeds can completely redefine your business, then why not make life simpler by installing it. Visit FieldFeeds!/howItWorks for more information.

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