Time. Delivery. Customer Expectations- Overcome the 3 Key Challenges with Shipnow

Here’s a well-known fact about customers- more the choices, higher is the purchasing power. Right from basic commodities to luxury products, the new age customer has an unlimited choice, and this has led to an exponential rise in the number of retailers. This also means an increase in the number of brick-and-mortar and online stores.

Over the last decade, the ecommerce industry has gained momentum. From fast delivery to free shipping, customers are experiencing a new change. Being the most important factors of ecommerce business, big players such as Amazon, Walmart, JCPenney, etc. have mastered it.

Well, if you are most likely to build your brand on the same lines, you need a way forward.

Shipnow is a great platform to get started. It’s driven by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence that offers a flexible path for fulfillment. Once you understand the functionalities and techniques, adapting your business to Shipnow will reap long-term benefits.

Here’s how you can implement Shipnow as a new business strategy

Customers are moving to a multichannel buying experience. It’s mixed preference- about 70% shoppers prefer online shopping while the rest opt for traditional brick-and-mortar store. Customers are making the most of their shopping experience by switching between online and offline stores. Retailers are constantly under pressure to provide with the best shopping experience.

Shipnow, is a platform that helps you can engage fulfillers to deliver packages at the most optimized routes. Using the latest technology such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence it processes the information you put in and offers delivers best results.

Setting Delivery Standards. Setting your own delivery standards is raising the benchmark for yourself. Fixing a delivery partner, predetermining the delivery window, delivering products in the best condition and so much more can be achieved with Shipnow.

With Shipnow you can drastically bring down your delivery expenses by selecting a delivery partner. You are your own boss and you have the advantage over your competitors with Shipnow. The flexibility to plan, track and deliver products through an optimized route will help you achieve long-term goals.

A ‘Stand-out’ Customer Experience. Retailers are always willing to provide their customers with the best ‘stand-out’ customer experience. Customers basically expect free shipment and quick delivery and Shipnow helps you achieve both these with ease.

Shipnow is not just about point A to point B pick/drop. It considers everything that’s between point A and point B such as re-routing, rescheduling, time taken, etc. to provide the best customer experience. Only an intelligent management system like Shipnow can handle unexpected delivery changes without disturbing the delivery flow.

Adapt your business to what we call as ‘the future of retail’- Shipnow 

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