From Online Stores to Their Front Doors: Make Retail Magic with ShipNow

Sometimes, you might feel like running a successful retail operation is an act of pure magic.

You wouldn’t necessarily be wrong: Just think about the transformation that occurs when an intangible product that is pictured on the internet becomes a three-dimensional item that customers can see, hold, use, and enjoy. In many cases, it happens with the click of a button.

In this sense, the magic behind a successful e-commerce shop takes place on the road.

The road connects buyers and sellers. But first, you have to get your products on the road.

When retailers conduct businesses online, the biggest challenge is convincing customers to buy something that they haven’t already seen or held. But once a customer has the item in front of them, they no longer have to rely on third-party descriptions or other people’s reviews.

That’s why it’s useful for retailers to make sure that customers can get their hands on a product as soon as possible. You want to close the sale when it’s still a potential “yes.”

You can get past this first hurdle with incentives. When you offer expedited shipping, for example, you motivate customers to buy now so that they can have their new products in their hands within two business days. They can get it fast enough that wasting time on further consideration actually becomes irrational.

You’ve suddenly made closing a sale the more rational decision for undecided buyers.

You can also literally remove barriers. For example, you can eliminate shipping fees—giving customers one more excuse to go ahead and order a product they’re considering so that they can see what it’s like in person once it arrives.

You can also offer free returns on all orders, so that customers can complete their transactions without a sense of obligation. Getting items in front of customers—in fact, getting products into their homes, and putting the onus on customers to make a return if they don’t want to keep the item—is the best way to close a sale.

You can connect your customers with their products faster, and offer better incentives, by using ShipNow. This unique omnichannel fulfillment platform allows retailers to get packages out to customers with the cheapest and most direct routes. You’ll get there faster by connecting with local last-mile fulfillment partners, ranging from big distribution centers to independent drivers.

Make retail magic a reality by quickly moving wares from your online store to your customer’s front door with ShipNow.

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