4 Strategies for Making the Most of Shared Retail

SharedRetail is a new platform that allows people with open real estate—ranging from a single shelf to an entire storefront—to list their address, so that retailers can connect (with the aim of displaying and selling their products in new locations). If it’s your first time considering a co-retailing opportunity, it makes sense that you’d want to make the most of it. Below are some helpful strategies for co-retailing:

Research Logistics
Before you start searching for free space in a certain country or city, you’ll probably know what makes the most sense based on purchasing patterns and your own fulfillment pipeline. But once you’re getting down to the nitty-gritty, it helps to double-check how you’ll set up delivering stock to this new location, where you might store overflow, and how you might receive or redirect any extra product once your short-term arrangement expires. These logistics and costs should impact your co-retailing decisions.
In the store itself, you should make sure you have a secure sense of the layout and line of sight for your products. Investigate signage opportunities so that shoppers will be aware of your brand, distinct from others in the store. You might want to find out, if possible, about foot traffic itself. While the front might seem like a good position, you might be entering a space where many people park in back, for example.
Promote Connectivity
Obviously, you want to seize this opportunity to promote your brand and product line. But because it’s a short-term stay, you should also be promoting online sales for an ongoing relationship with shoppers—no matter where you’re based. Some spots may realize that consumers respond well to a frequent rotation of vendors, the ability to encounter new items in their own neighborhood—and they might want to change out retailers rather than renew. This makes it highly important for temporary brands to promote their contact information and ecommerce channels.
Investigate Co-Retailers
In general, a mix of familiar local vendors with exciting new brands from around the world creates a dynamic shopping experience. You should learn if you’ll be the only unaffiliated brand in the store or get a sense of how your brand will fit in, as well as who your local audience is and what they might expect from the spot. It’s good for you to learn up-front who you’ll be positioned next to in order to optimize your opportunity and avoid risks like entering the same unit as a direct competitor.
Try SharedRetail
SharedRetail.com shows you all the latest opportunities to showcase your stock, according to city, along with a space’s specs, photos, and floor plans. We’ve also got plenty more helpful tips about co-retailing. We know that once you try our easy-to-use website and see the competitive pricing for generous real estate that’s available for you to promote your products, you’ll want to get started right away.
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