Revolutionizing the Energy Industry with the Power of FieldFeeds

Energy is one of the most crucial resources consumed by mankind. Being a fundamental element, the more it is expanded and diversified, the more it enhances the economic growth and efficiency.

A report by Exxon Mobil states that by 2040, there will be an increase of 30% in the global demand for energy. This means the industry has to look for innovative ways to tackle the daily challenges pertaining to the energy sector.

With the best technologies available today, smart-phones have proved to be the most useful. Taking advantage of new and latest devices, many industries have designed apps that can work to the advantage of the business.

FieldFeeds is an “all-in-one” app designed to get the best output for your business. The app can be customized as per the business requirement. Here is how you can use FieldFeeds.

FieldFeeds for In-house Use and Customers

The energy sector is vast and subdivided into electrical power industry, petroleum industry, gas industry, etc. It’s obvious that businesses today want to scaleup their profit margin and at the same time bring down expenses. Also, handling a large scale business requires a smart and efficient management system. 

Apart from the energy industry, FieldFeeds, an issue reporting app has proved highly beneficial to other business sectors too. The app supports field workers, supervisors, facility managers, etc. through its unique features. Read on to know more about it.

One of the most interesting features of the app is sharing real-time video feeds, images and chats. The app enables facility managers to share real information through videos. As a result, a lot of information can be passed in a short span of time. With FieldFeeds, supervisors can efficiently manage time and work. This builds trust amongst members for current and future projects.

Multiple tasks can also be assigned through one dashboard to different members, thus making coordination a simple and easy process with each member at different levels.

Huge data can also be stored by either configuring your own account or using the box account provided by FieldFeeds.

Be it any business, customers are the biggest driving force. For any customer being able to report an issue is important.

FieldFeeds is an efficient issue reporting app that helps in instant communication. The inbuilt QR code can be used to scan on assets that need attention. This feature of the app helps in immediate reporting.

FieldFeeds is a ‘simplified issue reporting’ app benefitting the energy industry in numerous ways. For maximum mobility, download FieldFeeds on your IOS and Android device. 

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