Keeping Up with Customers: How Retailers Can Adapt to Fast-Paced Lifestyles

Retailers already face plenty of challenges when it comes to delivering their products to customers at work or home. Today, customers have high expectations when it comes to fast shipping and free shipping. Ideally, they’d like to see both from the most competitive retailers.
But that’s just what it takes to make customers happy when they’re staying still. What about when they become moving targets?
It’s not rare for business executives, for example, to pack up and fly to another state or even another country without much warning. Because so many modern transactions are conducted online, professionals can gain an edge by going the extra mile to meet clients in real life. They might also travel to attend conferences or visit other branches of their own company.
Plus, people have increasingly flexible lifestyles that allow them to move around more than people who report daily to a brick-and-mortar office. Even those who typically follow a schedule might find themselves with a family emergency or a sudden need to move. It’s also easier than ever to find great last-minute deals for recreational travel.
Whether it’s personal or professional, people are more capable than ever to quickly pause their lives and take off to a new location for a short visit or long-term stay.
Your company can stand out by offering more flexibility when it comes to delivery services. You should be able to quickly adapt your routes, drivers, and schedules to help ensure a timely shipment. You’ll want to help that package reach its owner on time—even if the destination changes to another address halfway across the country from where it was first intended.
ShipNow provides that flexibility by taking advantage of rideshare and crowdsourcing culture, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. And it offers so much more.
For example, your customers will be able to track their packages on the move. They’ll be able to see how you’re going the extra mile (so to speak) to make sure they get their package on time.
ShipNow also allows retailers to track their inventory, across channels and distribution partners. Instead of redirecting a shipment, you’ll see if it makes more sense to return the original package to its point of origin—and resend the order from a closer source.
ShipNow gives you the tools, knowledge, and oversight you need to make the best decisions right away—and keep your customers happy.
Be prepared to react and adapt to rapidly changing customer needs with ShipNow.

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