Utility Industry Achieves Long-term Goals with FieldFeeds

The utility industry is one of the fastest growing sectors. Many organizations are seeking new and innovative techniques to streamline their business. One such technique adapted by organizations is the use of customized apps.

Apps that are designed to fit the nature of the business result in fulfilling long-term business goals.

Introducing ‘FieldFeeds’, an app that can be customized to suit your business requirements. The tried and tested app used by many industries has delivered excellent results.

Read on to know how the utility industry has benefited.

Like many other industries, the utility industry too is going through a roller-coaster ride. We have listed some of the challenges that can overcome with the FieldFeeds app.

Report Power Outages- Power outage is the most common issue faced by people. Most of the times reporting problems may not reach the concerned department or the person. Worst scenarios, it could be overlooked too. Prompt action to situations is necessary.  

FieldFeeds, also known as ‘smart issue reporting app’ is designed for quick reporting. The quick reporting feature assists users to instantly report the issue. Once the issue is reported, the facility manager can give a prompt response.      

Execute Work- The utility sector is vast and there are multiple roles assigned to every person. You can now have a structured workflow with FieldFeeds. The dashboard gives complete access to the manager to view each role, add and delete it too. You can maintain the roles and responsibilities of each member without any hassle.

This maintains transparency amongst members and a smooth workflow.  

Data Management- Being a service sector, maintenance and management of huge data on a daily basis requires an efficient management system and sufficient storage. FieldFeeds provides data security along with sufficient storage space. You can either configure your account or utilize FieldFeeds box account to store your files.   

On-site Communication- In the utility sector, communication is one of the most important factors. Be it on-site or off-site, you can send and receive regular updates while you are away. FieldFeeds gives complete access to communicate through live-video feeds, images and chats. You can now remotely access multiple projects with ease.

Transform your field operations in just a click. Download the app today! For more information visit the website https://www.fieldfeeds.com/#!/.  

Digital technologies are soon gaining traction across the various industries. A great way to improve efficiency, increase productivity, streamline the workflow, etc. is by implementing it. Like other industries, the utility sector also needs to keep pace with latest technologies in order to achieve long-term goals.

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