Why FieldFeeds Is A Must-add On Your Device

From team management to streamlining various projects, all can be handled in just a click and on the GO. Businesses and individuals today greatly depend on technology that not only minimizes the burden but also expedites the work with complete accuracy.  

One such app used by real estate, construction and facility managers is FieldFeeds.FieldFeeds, also known as ‘project tracking’ app which has proved its worth among many industries. For example, handling a construction project requires you to be on your toes. Most of the time you may have to remotely access various sites which gives less time to handle sticky situations.

Here is why we suggest installing “FieldFeeds” as a must-have app on your device.

  1. The app helps you share information through real-time videos, images, email notifications and chats. It eliminates unnecessary situations and makes communication simple and fast. Without wasting time, you can send direct updates to clients, hence assuring them on the progress of the project. Experience quick communication by downloading the app on IOS or Android device.
  2. You can handle multiple projects efficiently even while you’re not around. The inbuilt QR code gives quick notification of the issue when scanned against an asset. Your quick action to the problem can help you resolve it faster and better results.
  3. Be it one project or more, there’s confidential information that has to be stored and shared with your clients. You require a reliable storage system. FieldFeeds gives you sufficient data storage capacity through Biglynx box account or you can also configure your company account.
  4. The user-friendly app gives you the advantage to add members, assign roles, etc. pertaining to the project. Apart from this, you can also add multiple facilities, projects and assets. The basic features of the app give complete access.

    Keeping up with today’s fast pace development; working on multiple projects has become a norm. Stay connected with people and projects through FieldFeeds.

    Try the 45-days free trial to review FieldFeeds. Use the app to your advantage for facilities and projects.

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