How to Sell Your App as a Tested Product

It’s common wisdom that app developers should test their products before releasing them to the public. But once you’ve performed what you believe to be satisfactory testing, you need to be able to sell your product.

That will involve understanding how the testing process that you’ve invested in has actually added value to the product itself—whether you might be open to selling it, are looking for additional funding and investors, or are simply looking to promote the app’s quality to potential users.

Your app’s value will come not only from its performance on an open market, but also in terms of how you explain, and market, all of the work that’s already been financed and executed in order to ensure that it functions at its optimum capacity.

This will especially be important if you want to sell your app outright to a high bidder.

That’s because your testing procedures have added value to your app. They prove that it is likely high-performing, user-friendly, and bug-free.

Similarly, that also means you should consider the testing process as an added value.

When you’re considering how much to invest in your testing stages, and which tests you need to perform, and how long to plan for your app testing, you should keep in mind how each of these might influence and impact the greater overall worth of your app to many audiences.

You should also consider the added value of using Eyece—the fact that it’s the only platform where you can connect with users from all around the world and make the most of their owned devices for your testing purposes. You can also tap into their individual areas of expertise by browsing their profiles before choosing your test users. Eyece also hosts large-scale bug-bashes and other crowd-sourced group testing that you won’t find anywhere else.

But adding value doesn’t mean that app-testing needs to be costly.

Eyece offers app testing for as low as $10 for 25 tests, or two hours of testing. You don’t need to sign any contracts or lock yourself into any long-term commitment, which means only paying for the testing you need. It also gives you the ability to scale up as needed. Plus, once you get your testing results, you only pay once the work is provided to your complete satisfaction.

This means that your investment will always be worthwhile, and it’s always going to fit within your budget. Then, you can use this investment to justify the overall value and quality of your resulting product. It’s a win-win situation. In this way, it means that testing will always pay off.

Your app gains greater value from comprehensive user testing. Get yours with Eyece.

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