Create Your Own Distribution Solutions with Warehouzz

When retail and distribution businesses try to scale up and expand their operations, they can encounter many obstacles. Often, that involves some combination of cost and logistical roadblocks. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re on a limited budget or have found that conventional solutions aren’t helping you reach the standards of success that you’ve envisioned for yourself, you might be able to take a shortcut and get ahead with a new solution.

Warehouzz is a unique platform that connects property owners with empty spaces with people who might want to store their belongings or inventory there.

There are numerous ways that it can help companies advance their business strategies, solve problems, and increase their revenue.

Here are a few:

Short-/long-term storage. You might be looking for a spot that lets you stash inventory units between handoffs during a unique restocking exchange. Or, you might need to keep items in a select spot for months or even years at a time to begin creating a dependable logistics flow. There are things you might need to change out seasonally, or you might buy in bulk well ahead of allocated distribution times. No matter your needs, you can find the right type of space for the right length of time with Warehouzz.

Distribution strategy. Best practices dictate that you create a seamless distribution flow that connects your suppliers with your supply channels (such as brick-and-mortar stores) and customers (for direct deliveries). Whether you’re thinking in terms of broad regions and large warehouses along highways for long-haul connections or your last-mile solutions and closer-to-home connections, it helps to reduce overhead and transit time by connecting the dots with more functional destinations, if possible.

Manufacturing.You can also find spaces that are suitable (in terms of square footage, flooring, height, and other parameters) for more productive and expansive manufacturing. The zoning and labor laws for the location also have to be suitable, but you can begin by locating buildings you didn’t even know were on the market.

Expedited delivery.When you’re able to locate ideal storage and distribution locations close to your suppliers or customers, you can help improve your delivery speed and create a more efficient distribution pipeline.

Customer satisfaction. By finding the right space in the right location with the right specs, you’ll improve your output, speed, and efficiency, thereby providing your customers with better service and greater overall satisfaction.

Find inventive new distribution solutions by connecting with storage partners through Warehouzz.

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