Multiple Warehouses x Fast Shipping = Happy Customers

2x Shipment, -25%Less cost, +50% Fast shipment and +40% Happy customers. We would all love to maintain such an equation. Isn’t it? These numbers signify an effective and efficient ecommerce business. Ecommerce businesses today completely depend on warehouses for storage and fulfillment needs. Whether its B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customer), warehouses offering services have one common factor- “customers”. However, we are still faced with the fact that there are hundreds of warehouses still idle and underutilized. Being unused for a long time not only brings down the value, but efficiency too.

With the growing customer expectations, you may lack the assets and resources to own a centralized Warehouse. You either splurge on constructing one or you invest your time in locating one. The first option does not seem feasible while you could consider the second option. Taking a realistic approach, we suggest you spend your time and efforts in locating a network of warehouses on Biglynx Warehouzz.

There are hundreds of vacant spaces of every dimension spread across different locations listed with us. Now confidently decide on the type of warehouse space (garage, vacant land, unused warehouse, commercial space) you require.

Warehouzz gives you an opportunity to ship from multiple warehouses to domestic and international markets, thus helping you achieve Global fulfillment. As you choose a warehouse closer to your customers, you are at an obvious advantage- lower shipping cost, cut-down delivery time, lower transportation cost and you avoid tax and duty issues.

You eventually create a significant business presence. For those of you who are always on the go, we have designed Warehouzz for Android and IOS devices too. You can easily download the app from Google Play store and access it. The web version can be accessed by visiting this-!/.
Get the best with Warehouzz app!

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