FieldFeeds: Bridging the Gap in Facility Management

When it comes to the construction industry, there’s been a shortage of skilled workers and lack of experts, eventually creating a bottleneck. Unforeseen circumstances arise in everyday work and facility managers are expected to be versatile in handling situations efficiently and wisely.

With the introduction of software apps, individuals and businesses are able to bridge the gap and reduce workload. As a facility manager, adapting your business to new technology trends will scale up the business.   

Here’s introducing an app that would support you on the work front.

Read on to know why and how you can overcome regular issues using the FieldFeeds App.

Live Updates- We are living in an era where customers expect regular and live updates. The FieldFeeds app is all up and running. Using this app, you can send live-updates to customers regardless of the distance or location. Apart from live video feeds, images can also be shared. Keep your customers up to date with live project updates and gain their confidence.  

Tailor-fit for other Industries- The FieldFeeds app can be downloaded on Android and IOS device. Apart from benefitting the real estate industry, it can be used by other industries such as automobile, utilities, energy and service industry.

Stay Competitive- Well, there are many businesses using latest technologies to stay ahead of their competitors. The motive of every business is to have happy clients and customers. As a facility manager, you need to be well-versed with the latest technology used in the industry.  Quick and quality work is something that keeps businesses ahead. Accomplish this and lot more with FieldFeeds!

Data Management- Companies with huge files and data can now store in the FieldFeeds box account or you could configure your own company account. Streamlines your work, isn’t it?

Quick Communication- All those who are part of the project can easily communicate once the app is downloaded on their mobile devices. It’s very easy for members/ participants to share information and ideas pertaining to the project. Information that transpires from the beginning of the project gives a detailed insight to the problems. With everyone on the same page can find an immediate solution to it.

With our 45 days trial, you get a chance to experience the app up close. Use the FieldFeeds app for the best outcome. 

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