The Advantage of Co-Retailing with BigLynx Shared Retail

For any retail business to function well, an ideal space and location is what matters the most. However, the expense of occupying an entire area may not always be favorable for businesses especially if it’s a start-up. So, what do companies do in such cases? Simple, they share space with other brands. This concept of sharing space is known as ‘Shared Retail’ or ‘Co-retailing’.

Though this concept is not new, many businesses for years have been practicing this concept of subletting. Sharing retail space is one of the smartest things a start-up business can think of. It actually works best for businesses that want to economize and encourage their business.

Retail space can be shared in two ways- one is sharing shelf space and the other is sharing a bigger area. This space can be rented to various types of businesses either monthly or on a yearly basis. Shared retail may also work best for businesses that have complementary services and products.

With space management gaining immense importance in the retail business, BigLynx Shared Retail has stepped in to maximize your business.

BigLynx Shared Retail offers one common platform for those who want to rent out space and those businesses that want to use the space.

So, if you want to rent out your space, here’s how you can do it.

If you have a vacant space that has not be in use for long, you can list it with us. All you need to do is register with BigLynx Shared Retail and fill-in your details.

Try out the BigLynx 90 Days Trial. Here’s how you can benefit from it.

  • No Credit card needed to start 
  • No Sign-up fees 
  • No Contract (All plans are month to month) 
  • Unlimited listings 
  • Full functionality 
  • Phone and email support

By listing your space with BigLynx Shared Retail, your space is now utilized to its best.

In case you are looking for an ideal location to put up your business, you can do it on BigLynx Shared Retail as well. Once you get a free subscription with us, you get an access to unlimited inquires.

You can select from our unlimited list of locations and set up your pop-up store. This step would greatly help to test new markets for your products.

BigLynx Shared Retail is one platform that connects small and start-up businesses to gain a steady platform. The best thing is that you can even access from your IPhone. What more, you have it all in a click!

Here are the additional advantages of registering with BigLynx Shared Retail.

By selecting a retail space for your business, you can now attract lots of foot traffic especially in areas that are in the main business hub.

  • Boost your sales by putting up in prime locations 
  • Economical space occupancy by sharing rental expenses 
  • An array of locations to choose from our list 
  • Space integration with other businesses 
  • An opportunity to up-sell your products

The app gives its users the advantage of easy functionality of sharing and occupying space at a common platform- BigLynx Shared Retail. User have the flexibility to inquire about space availability, manage space, etc. in just a click. All you have to do is explore our app!

In short, this platform offers a win-win situation for retailers and space owners. This easy-to-use app is very convenient and user friendly. In short, the app can assist in branding, marketing and sales of your business.

As a new user, you may have many doubts with regard to payments, cancellations, pricing, etc. you could refer to the FAQs that are listed on the BigLynx Shared Retail page.

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