The Rise of OTIF Retail

Modern retail has inspired the invention of many new and game-changing tools, like ShipNow, a last-mile delivery solution system. However, it’s also inspired new ideas and processes. One recent addition (and a fairly new terminology) is “OTIF.” The OTIF trend is geared toward providing a better overall customer experience through improved systemization.

What Is “OTIF”?

“OTIF” stands for “on-time, in full.” If that’s still a bit of a mystery to you, you’re not alone. Retailers have only begun using this term in earnest to address the overall need to ensure that all orders arrive on-time—that is, the time requested or dictated by the customer’s needs, and allowing them to have that choice—as well as in-full, meaning that everything they’ve purchased is reaching them when it’s supposed to (and, though it’s not entirely commonplace yet, even with leading retail giants like Amazon and Walmart, that does ideally mean that it comes in one order if possible, when possible, acknowledging a persistent customer preference and the potential for a competitive edge).

It’s all thanks to the customers.

Customer demand is the single most significant driving factor when it comes to developing new tools and systems in retail. No matter how much pressure it puts on individual companies to keep their game up and adapt, it also brings the entire industry forward—forcing pivotal advances that bring all of society into the future.

For example, customers began prioritizing fast shipping and free shipping—and Amazon famously created a consistent business model to make it happen. The more that demand was fulfilled, the more the instant-gratification population began to raise their standards for other retailers (even those without the support and financing and reach of the retail conglomerate). But in turn, slowly but surely, other retailers responded, hoping to compete with and live up to the example of Amazon. Overall, retail as a whole has seen an improvement in shipping times and a decrease in prices.

While sometimes that influence cycle creates pressure and bottlenecks for companies, trying to keep up, or having too many changes seeming to happen at once to possibility adjust quickly enough in all necessary ways (from approaching new technology to onboarding staff for new processes), it also gradually allows for consistent gains.

But you can start now, at your own company, and stay ahead of the competition with “OTIF.”

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