Skip the Small Talk with ShipNow

Think about all of the time lost to businesses where there’s a lot of conversation necessary to make any decision or execute any action. Whether it’s chatter between employees or endless meetings, the rounds of small talk add up in big ways—absorbing time, distracting staff, and essentially making your business less efficient.

One of the primary ways that talking can eat up time is when there’s a decision to be made.

ShipNow eliminates many of the core business decisions that are necessary in the retail industry by providing you with immediate and informed decisions and opportunities. You can learn the smartest options without all of the conversation and debate, simply tapping buttons to approve the ones that make the most sense for each specific order.

Our simple process eliminates extraneous small talk that can slow down business—both between your employees and at the decision-making phase of deliveries. Here’s how:

First, incoming orders are added to the system and processed (using details custom to your company, including all of your supply chain information and existing distribution partners).

Second, the details of the delivery (optimized and generated by ShipNow) are broadcast to your network for fulfillment.

Third, delivery partners—both individual drivers and local delivery companies along your optimal route—respond with interest and availability.

Fourth, you accept the best option from among the available responses, comparing newly provided opportunities against standardized delivery services and pricing.

Fifth, track the shipment at all points along the way, and allow your customers to do the same.

Sixth, when the delivery has arrived—on time, in good condition, and to your customer’s satisfaction—you can approve the payment to go through.

Seventh, you review the fulfillment partner so that others can see how they performed (in case they might consider using them in the future, and for your own reference), as well as to incentivize first-rate performance at all times from partners working together on ShipNow.

Make the most of your time, and conserve your conversation, with ShipNow.

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