Show Your “App”reciation!

When you love something, or you’re grateful that you can rely on it, you want to show your appreciation!

When it comes to apps that you love, sometimes that’s as simple as choosing to use one piece of software over another—which is like voting with your download. The sheer number of people who decide to install the app will boost it in the play store, so just loyally using that particular product is one way of showing support.

Of course, you can actually reach out to say thanks—or leave a more thorough testimonial or a review, if you wish (on the play store, on the brand’s website, or elsewhere). Often, the support and gratitude is implied when you follow a brand on social media, indicating that you’re a fan—more than just another user, you’re someone who wants to stay engaged and continue to find out more about a particular product.

Reviews, likes, testimonials, and downloads don’t just show the company that you’re happy with their product—they also show the world that the product is high-quality or highly entertaining. Popularity therefore indicates that others should also choose a certain app or software product, creating a self-perpetuating cycle.

But gratitude goes both ways; app developers should thank their supporters, too!

Are you doing enough to show your “app”reciation for the people who are driving your success and keeping you in business? Have you thought about other ways you could be thanking them?

Obviously, engaging with them on social media—and reciprocating their follows on place like Instagram—is a great way to do it. You can also thank them for leaving reviews or even provide them with incentives to do so (which, as mentioned above, could in turn be hugely beneficial).

If someone takes the time to leave feedback, but seems less than pleased for any reason, you can still show your appreciation for trying your product in the first place and taking the time to share their thoughts: Ask them what you might improve so that they’d enjoy their experience with your app more. Other users will notice that you care about the people who use your app.

That’s where app-testing on Eyece comes in: You can ask your testers how they might like to be recognized if they were part of your future user pool. You can also learn in advance what they might like to see developed or designed into the app that isn’t there yet. By designing with your user in mind, it’s literally like thinking of your future fans and thanking them in advance.

Show users your love and make your app worthy of their love too, with Eyece.

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