Retail Success Will Be Defined By…

Let’s take a moment to look at the next decade of retail, based on the trends that we’re already seeing today.

Everything is changing so quickly, recently, that business owners and managers might feel like they need a cheat sheet in order to keep up—if not a huge influx of cash to overhaul their entire operation. But we have some great news: The only thing that you really need in order to keep up is the ability to tap into technology that’s already available.

Let’s break it down:

Emerging Technology. The biggest and broadest way to determine who will succeed in the future of retail is by seeing who does the best job at embracing and applying emerging technology. Technology is a fast-changing arena, so retailers will have to remain highly adaptable in order to continue upping their game as better technological solutions emerge. ShipNow is an example of a new platform that provides distribution solutions that didn’t exist even one year ago—and the retailers who begin to embrace it will already be one step ahead.

Artificial Intelligence. The best thing about computers is that they’re doing the same work both faster and more accurately than even your smartest and most experienced staff member. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in as many areas of your retail business as possible is the surest way to cut overhead, improve outcomes, and measure results. Which brings us to…

Data Analytics. You can’t take full advantage of technological opportunities or optimize your supply chain without diving deep into data analytics ASAP. Data will inform you how to make the best decisions in every area, from maximizing your channels to allocating your inventory. ShipNow provides the highest level of ROI because it automatically crunches the numbers to determine your fastest routes, optimize distribution channels, and allocate your resources, all while connecting you with the last-mile fulfillment partners to make it happen.

Outsourcing Labor. One of the biggest areas where retailers bleed money and productivity is in the area of human labor, due to turnover, performance inconsistency, seasonal workers, and other factors. That doesn’t have to be true when it comes to moving your product. ShipNow connects you with drivers who can complete last-mile deliveries efficiently and show you ratings to guarantee high-quality service, as well as tracking their movements along the way.

Of course, by the time we get it all down to an art, we’ll probably have to change it all again to make way for the flying cars. But let’s cross that sky bridge when we get to it.

In the meantime, get ahead of the game based on real data analytics with ShipNow.

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