Multitasking in Retail in 2019

It’s an interesting time for retail: Technology is the best it’s ever been, and highly accessible to the common users; however, people have decreasing attention spans and a high demand for instant gratification.

What does that mean for multitasking? Basically, you’ve got to turn it over to the computers.

But we can’t pretend that computers are running on their own—not just yet, anyway. They still need guidance from human operators. No matter how quick and clever your computer systems might make your business systems, you need your staff to be able to keep up with it.

Thankfully, ShipNow is a modern retail tool that’s designed to be extremely user-friendly.

That means it’s easy for you and your entire team to learn to use our new fulfillment partnering platform—from inputting data to choosing delivery partners and tracking orders. You can mix the efficiency of machine learning to store, assess, and report on your data, while algorithms help you decide what to do with the results.

The primary function of ShipNow is to help you complete last-mile deliveries by pairing with local partners. You can see who’s available on certain dates, in certain places, to help you move items from Point A to Point B. You’ll also be able to compare pricing, inventory, and pivotal criteria–to round out other potential variables, along with your timing (since fast delivery is important, but it’s also true that different customers prioritize different things).

However, you can also use it to diversify your data and keep track of the entire picture of the organization and your operations, all by executing the same existing functions that simply complete a delivery in the first place. Then the sky is the limit, based on the data-crunching constantly going on in the background, thanks to machine learning abilities.

Plus, reports can be created from your data, and they’re easy to read and compare.

Putting a few systems and processes in place in advance will help you remain organized. You can also build a calendar—which you can update based on the information that ShipNow delivers. Your team can have their own logins and operate orders under their own purviews.

But how you use the tool is, again, ultimately up to you; it always comes back to the people. Just knowing the technology is there to assist, and speed it all up, is enough to help you keep up at the speed of modern customers and ambitious businesses in a fast-paced world.

Multitasking is difficult for many people, but it’s easy for machines. Combine the best of both with a little help from ShipNow.

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