How An Ideal Warehouse Space Can Make All the Difference

For years warehouses have served their purpose as spaces for storage and fulfillment needs. Being an essential segment of the ecommerce business, its location plays a significant role in business growth.

Here is why you need to make a smart decision when it comes to choosing a warehouse space. The right space can not only increase your profits but also help you deliver faster and built larger customer satisfaction. However, there’s a lot of thought that goes into when selecting a warehouse space. The following questions can help you determine the ideal warehouse.

Location/ Area are you focusing

If you are delivering products in a certain area, you must make sure to have a storage facility that’s closer to your customers location. One of the most common problems faced by retailers is seeking an ideal storage space. The search is not only time consuming but finding a genuine one is important.

With Biglynx Warehouzz you surely can eliminate this issue. Look for warehouse or storage spaces by entering the zip code or the city name in the search bar. Get a huge list of warehouses spread across different locations. Finalize the one that suits your business requirement.

Lease Tenure

Once the location of the warehouse is decided, the next you need to consider is the lease tenure. If you are dealing in seasonal products, then it makes complete sense to freeze a warehouse for a short-term only.

Get access to valid information put up by property owners on Biglynx Warehouzz. View images and information of the storage facility on the Warehouzz app (download on your Android or IOS device) or the web. Directly contact the property owner to discuss the lease tenure.

Affordable Storage Space

Be it a big or small business, a decent storage space is important. Many retailers and businesses have to store their goods in tiny spaces due to unavailability of space. This leads to damage of goods.

You now have the advantage to choose a desired storage space by looking it up on Biglynx Warehouzz. Clear description and images will give you a heads up if you want to go ahead with it.


Along with finding a warehouse in a desired location, you also eliminate the cost of transportation. Imagine the huge cost incurred in transporting goods and the additional time taken in delivering. It can hugely impact your business and customer relationship.

You can now overcome this by seeking a warehouse or other storage facility on Warehouzz. Prompt delivery can increase customer satisfaction, increase sales and shoot your profit margins.

Solve your storage problems by finding an ideal warehouse for your business needs.

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