Customizing Apps Is Big Business

While it might seem like the big money is always going toward new inventions and flagrant ideas in the app industry, there’s something to be said for providing a steady service and perfecting your own skills in one designated area. Clients will appreciate your consistency and remain loyal to you when they need you again for the same thing.

One booming area that’s likely to remain in-demand for a long time is custom apps.

That means instead of creating several new apps and finding new inspiration all the time to focus your team on, you can provide a basic service and then customize it to different businesses and industries.

If you specialize in one area—let’s say, making apps for accounting firms—then you can still customize your work. What makes the most sense for one CPA won’t necessarily provide the ideal solutions for another practice. You can only find out by speaking to them, showing them what you have available, and learning how you’ll adjust it to work perfectly for that company.

The final product can be branded with their logo and name, with proprietary shortcuts and systems reflecting the company’s values, mission, and service they’re promising to provide.

And that’s just thinking about a company’s own tools. What about client-facing apps?

For example, most companies are open-minded about having their own apps, but they have no idea where to begin. Although their needs aren’t going to be terribly novel and dissimilar from existing templates and ideas, it’s still a new and necessary product for that brand, and they’ll be willing to pay for your expertise when it comes to selecting which blueprint to use and what their clientele will expect—then, of course, making it happen in a timely manner (and error-free).

Sending clients to the play store to download a branded product related to their business is something that will make any company look more modern and tech-savvy, so they don’t want it to look like anyone else’s—especially not a competitor’s. Worst of all, nothing bland.

You don’t always need novelty to stand out. Custom apps make companies feel special.

But how will you know how to make them feel special? Or how to help them impress clients? It’s going to take a bit of highly specialized testing to get it right each time, always with a slightly different goal in mind. In many ways, this is harder than testing for unique apps, because your results might be slightly different and the nuances might come down to human interpretations.

However, the testing itself can be capably handled by Eyece. Our platform harnesses the power of crowd-sourcing to connect developers with the specific type of testers they need to hear from in order to create the exact perfect app. You can find real users who match the kind of clients that your companies tend to serve, to make sure you’re creating something with the right kind of person in mind, and that your company will be successful and make a solid profit.

Their happiness means they’ll come back to you for the next custom app that they need.

Nail the perfect app for every client by testing your custom ideas with Eyece.

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