4 Reasons to Offer Package Tracking

One of the reasons that retail companies partner with major shipping partners is because it provides the convenience of easy and reliable tracking, from point of origin to destination.

With ShipNow—which helps you choose custom delivery solutions for each order—you’re able to follow every package through our proprietary system (which also optimizes your route automatically, and updates your inventory according to the order’s fulfillment and processing).

Better yet, you get to share that benefit with customers. They can track their packages, too.

When people complete purchases from any of your shopping channels, they’ll be able to track the movements of their order from the moment that it leaves your store or warehouse. That’s true whether you’re partnering with a big-name company like FedEx or going for one of our more flexible options, like local drivers. It’s also true if you’re choosing a combination, splitting up big orders into different short-leg segments along the way to increase your speed.

Tracking transparency for you and your customers is one of the big perks of choosing to route your deliveries through one central hub, ShipNow. Here are three more advantages:

Tracking Deliveries Helps Ensure On-Time Arrival. As we’ve mentioned, customers enjoy having control from the moment their order leaves the shopping cart. They like to plan for the arrival of their packages. You can give them the most specific delivery quotes—and the fastest—by planning your routes through ShipNow.

Your Staff Can Focus On What Matters Most. Giving customers this ability also frees time and energy from your customers service staff. They’ll spend less time letting people know where their orders are, updating delivery timelines over the phone, or answering angry emails if a customer thinks something’s going to be late. The consumer will be able to locate most of that info on their own. They’ll also be able to see exactly what problems (if any) occur—for example, they’ll see if their package is held up at a checkpoint, away from your stores or business center, and out of your hands.

Customers Value Transparency, Which Builds Trust. Customers enjoy being informed. Tracking their packages in real time gives them an early sense of ownership, which comes with a desire for the most up-to-date information. They’ll be able to refresh and see what’s happening in real time, like their delivery window changing. Sometimes, an early delay can be compensated for in the final hours—especially thanks to the flexibility of ShipNow—ensuring that people still get their packages on time. When people see that they can still expect their package on time, it’s always reassuring.

Give customers the transparency they crave with accessible tracking tools, via ShipNow.

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