Unique App Solutions #4: Large-Scale, Global Testing Events

One of the best ways to collect useful feedback on your app is to have large groups of users explore it and test it in real time—and at the same time. Often, this is done by hosting launch events or “bug bash” events; but unfortunately, these tend to unite similar types of people. You want your final product to appeal to real users, from all backgrounds, around the world. But how do you bring together all different kinds of users to test your app at the same time?

Eyece is an app-testing platform that uses crowd-sourcing to connect developers with real users around the world. It was created to solve common problems that had yet to be addressed with today’s most common app-testing tools.

While the resulting platform has revealed numerous advantages for developers, we wanted to share four of the top problems that have been solved, finally and for the first time, by Eyece.

In the last of this four-part series, we discover the best way to test apps on a global scale:


Most app developers see the value in connecting with early users to gain preliminary feedback on their apps. Often, they host events that bring together groups who can try the app in a central location on their own devices and report their findings. However, there isn’t a good way to find people outside of their own narrow communities to participate—and feedback from familiar crowds can be less than useful for informing an app that’s going to serve a worldwide audience.

You want to be able to engage users around the world in testing events, both individually but also, if desired, at the same time during group events (for stress-testing, bug-bashing, and exploratory endeavors). You need to be able to find trustworthy participants and invite them to take part, then coordinate the event. In an ideal world, this would all take place on the same platform that also hosts the testing events, allows you to pay for them easily, and collect data.


Eyece allows you to announce paid testing events in advance, which attracts participants. You can contact global participants and host your testing exercises on our groundbreaking platform. The diversity of participants is important because they speak multiple languages, come from a wide range of backgrounds, and have expertise in various areas. You can select them based on their profiles, ensuring that you have a solid mix. Then you can compare results by segmenting them in relation to the demographics.

Also important is the fact that each individual has their own device types on which to test your app. So whether you’re looking to discover bugs and glitches that remain in an early version of your app, collect comments about the overall experience of interacting with the app, or see how the app performs with a large number of users operating it at the same time, you can get better and more useful results for the long-term by hosting your group app testing events on Eyece.

Coordinate group app tests with real users around the world through Eyece.

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