Unique App Solutions #3: Affordable Tests + ROI

Today we’re talking about ramping up your ROI. Testing your apps to the extent that your results are both reliable and consistent can be pricey. But in addition to finding testing solutions that satisfy your budget, you need to make sure that your spending is worthwhile. Is every dollar you’re spending actually boosting your profit? How can you tell?

Eyece is an app-testing platform that uses crowd-sourcing to connect developers with real users around the world. It was created to solve common problems that had yet to be addressed with today’s most common app-testing tools.

While the resulting platform has revealed numerous advantages for developers, we wanted to share four of the top problems that have been solved, finally and for the first time, by Eyece.

In #3 of this four-part series, we look at the challenges of measuring returns on your testing:


Before Eyece, most app-testing strategies consisted of hiring external companies or individuals. In both cases, the team developing the app would usually pay for those resources by the hour.

The problem, to begin with, is the high cost that’s tied to previous, traditional testing means—because they aren’t as exhaustive or unified as the testing that takes place all on one platform, which we aimed to amend with Eyece.

However, in addition to the high cost of those old methods, there’s the fact that your results were never directly linked to the money you spent on your testing—making it impossible to track ROI. It’s too difficult to link any particular hour of an individual’s work, or software productivity, to the actual quality and quantity of feedback that emerge from the tests.

That means you won’t be able to make effective, informed decisions about whether putting more money into your testing in the future is going to help you create more successful apps.


Eyece is the first app-testing platform that allows you to pay per test or pay by device. This way, each of your allotted investments is linked with the results from that specific test—making the results much more measurable for your team.

You’ll also know exactly what you’re paying when you get started. Pricing is $10 for up to 25 test cases or 2 hours of trials. By creating test units in these small, affordable increments, it allows you to track your spending, while also making our platform affordable to developers from all backgrounds, democratizing the app creation process with the aim of better tech for everyone.

We also know that not all app testing is the same, and yours may have unique needs. Whether you want to customize single app tests or create large-scale group testing scenarios, we offer custom pricing and allow you to request quotes directly from users. Then, you only pay when you’re satisfied, further ensuring you will always make the most of your investments with Eyece.

Save money, and make sure that your investment is boosting your ROI, with Eyece.

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