Unique App Solutions #2: Testing for All Device Types

We don’t create apps for computer systems. We create them for people. But it’s difficult to know exactly what devices your future audience will use to run the apps they love. You can build an app that works consistently with a certain OS, but everyone isn’t running the same version. Plus, with so many devices on the market, not to mention older models in circulation, how can developers efficiently test their apps against every variation they might encounter?

Eyece is an app-testing platform that uses crowd-sourcing to connect developers with real users around the world. It was created to solve common problems that had yet to be addressed with today’s most common app-testing tools.

While the resulting platform has revealed numerous advantages for developers, we wanted to share four of the top problems that have been solved, finally and for the first time, by Eyece.

In #2 of this four-part series, we discuss the difficulty of testing your app on all kinds of devices:


If you really wanted to try your app on every viable product that it might encounter in the real world, it would be an extremely costly and time-consuming endeavor. Automated simulators run certain types of tests, and they don’t account for differences in operating systems. You need to consider how your app will work on older versions of devices that people are still using, not to mention the different ways a user might experience the app on a tablet, for example, versus a smartphone. If you want to test a wide number of these devices in-house, it might mean buying them yourself—which is a large investment, and it’s a big project for your own team to take on.

Even if you predict that most of your users will be on iOS, you don’t want to just block everyone else from joining your audience base and driving your profit. Besides, iOS alone means making sure that your app will function consistently on at least a dozen types of devices in circulation.

You also need to ensure your app is going to survive for a reliable amount of time, and not immediately expire in usefulness or functionality when new versions of devices are released. If your app already works on a multitude of devices, the more your investment is future-proofed.


Instead of scavenging and purchasing numerous devices on your own, or failing to test your app on a broad range of devices and operating systems, you can tap into an infinite number of potential products by connecting with their owners, around the world, on Eyece.

Eyece uses crowd-sourcing to connect developers with real users who already have one or more smart devices in their homes. For example, people might still be holding onto their old phones, or have different phones for home and work. Maybe they own an iPad, an iPhone, and an Apple Watch. You choose users based on their profiles, where they list the devices they have access to (with their OS). This way, you can run tests on any number of devices for the same price, which you’ll always know in advance, and it all takes place on the same platform.

Ensure that your app works for each version of every device and OS with Eyece.

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