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One of the hottest gifts to receive during the holiday season were AirPods: Apple’s wireless earbuds. Over the past week, it’s been hard to leave the house without encountering people wearing their little white devices, which are connected via Bluetooth to their iPhones.

You’ll witness the same phenomenon if you’ve joined the wave of gymgoers renewing their resolutions in the New Year—with tons of people sporting new soundproof headphones, including the latest release from Bose.

So, what are all of these people listening to? And how are they tapping into their choice of earworm? If you make the right moves, it could be your music-related app.

First: Stand Out

The Apple Store and the Google Playstore are full of apps that will help people find, buy, share, and play music. That’s in addition to podcasts, audiobooks, and beyond. It’s hard to stand out—much less earn downloads, five-star ratings, and great reviews.

Before you throw your hard work into the results mix with every other item that might come up when people search for apps related to music playback, you need to know how to appeal to your audience’s needs, deliver what they’re looking for, and market those unique aspects.

Second: Deliver Perfection

If you do succeed in getting users to both install and open your app, you need to be sure that you’re delivering something that functions flawlessly and performs the tasks that music-lovers are seeking. They want to be able to use your app organically on their first try, without a lot of instructions. And, ideally, that intuitive interface will translate to users from all different backgrounds—at an international level.

Third: Always Upgrade

Then, over time, those satisfied users should want to subscribe to additional features of your app and keep the product installed on their phones or other playback devices—rather than trade it for something new and shiny on the market.

Obviously, you also need to make sure your software is always compatible with the latest trending tech on the market—like your AirPods.

All 3 steps can be predicted, planned, and programmed by testing with Eyece.

By putting your product into the hands of real users, based around the globe, working with a wide array of smart devices, you can determine exactly what people want from their music discovery, playback, or storage apps. You’ll discover the key by listening to your future listeners.

Be heard—by testing your music app with Eyece.

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