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Eyece is an app-testing platform that lets developers connect with users around the globe who are willing to engage with these products and explore and/or challenge the app’s features and functions.

While there are many ways to utilize crowd-sourcing to prepare and test a profitable app, however, one that’s often overlooked or undervalued is usability testing. Sometimes, especially when money is tight, companies can emphasize the need to invest in testing for technical competencies or superior marketing strategies. Those things are important; in many ways they’re also more literal, tangible, and obvious. But if they come at the expense of skipping thorough usability testing, you’re ultimately shooting yourself in the foot (as the largest and most successful tech companies have already learned).

But you don’t have to be one of the largest of most successful tech companies to run satisfactory usability testing. You can run these tests with real users in real time at a low cost with Eyece.

What Is Usability Testing?

With usability testing, a group of participants go through the motions of testing your product according to instructions that you provide them. (Alternately, it’s possible that they explore your app more freely, and then complete a survey and/or provide freeform feedback.) Typically, you’ll want to put your app into the hands of representative users—the same kinds of people you expect to ultimately sell your app to, or share it with; however, sometimes testing also helps you discover who your audience is going to be and how they’ll engage with it. Usability testing is one way that developers are able to create more popular, functional, and user-friendly apps—while preventing any loss of profit or time down the line.

How Can Eyece Help with Usability Testing?

Eyece invites developers to create accounts and connect to hundreds of global users who own one or several kinds of smart devices that may be compatible with the products that the developer wants to test. Those users have created profiles that tell the developer where they’re based, which subjects or industries they’re proficient in, what languages they speak, and more. These details let developers be selective—allowing for much more targeted usability testing. (If you already have a sense of who your representative users will be, Eyece helps you quickly find them and put your product in their hands.)

Meanwhile, our users—called Domain Experts—are incentivized to make money by participating in trials with new and/or existing apps. Developers never pay more than $10 for 25 test cases or a two-hour trial, but users can negotiate their own prices. (This helps people get matched automatically while honoring their time, expertise, and budget.) Developers then tell Domain Experts where to locate the correct version of their app and may provide access codes. They also submit instructions about what elements the Domain Experts should explore, and how to submit their feedback. This could involve being observed directly, conducting some kind of interview, or filling out a standardized form.

The best part is that usability testing is just one of the platform’s many features. Eyece can also run your standard technical and marketability tests, too, meaning that you don’t have to choose one over the other. You can get it all done concurrently, on one centralized platform—without blowing up your budget or delaying your app release or update.

Eyece means you get to have it all—starting with the reliably high-ROI results from usability testing.

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