Is Your App Destined for Greatness? Get the Truth from Real Users

When it comes to getting honest feedback about your work, who do you go to: industry colleagues or your mom? If you’re ordering a new car part, do you ask professional mechanics or poll friends online?

When it comes to preparing your app to meet the high expectations of real users in the real world, you’re going to want the most informed opinions from people just like the ones who your app is built to serve, support, or entertain. That means if you decide to keep your testing internal or rely externally on blind marketing surveys, you’re still going to miss out on the specific kinds of broad feedback and experiential insights that are going to actually help you take your product to the next level.

The only way to be sure that future users are going to love your app is by talking directly to them.

Eyece asks tech-savvy users from around the world to help improve the future of apps by taking part in testing for the latest products on the market—or, often, before they’re ever announced to the public at large. As the developer, you pay a nominal fee for each bundle of test cases (or per each one-off trial).

Eyece allows users and developers—all of whom are tech aficionados in some shape or form—to join together in giving our technological landscape a bolder, brighter, and more promising outlook.

By talking to one another and integrating the results from both direct reports and thoughtful observations, the world winds up with better apps to make their daily lives easier or more satisfying.

Real people love to provide their honest opinions and share their industry knowledge. Especially if they’re getting paid.

Similarly, the Domain Experts who’ve signed up to help optimize your app through Eyece will tell you their stray thoughts and raise vital questions as they click through links, run through functions, and generally try to get the most from their time with your brand-new app.

In fact, because they’re often the first people to see a new product in the works, they’re also usually very willing—if not excited—to be thorough, whether they’re generally moving through your app on instinct or following a direct set of execution instructions.

But the only way for them to find out how your app works and whether or not they’ll like it is to be given the chance to play around with your current version of the app for an extended period of time. You’ll want to give them the chance to explore your app as much as a future user normally or ideally would, before sharing why and how they felt compelled to click around and check out various features.

If you’re not sure up-front exactly how much testing that will require or the areas that are going to need the greatest amount of work, you’re sure to soon find out—without wasting a lot of money with guesswork, also thanks to your committed users. The more you speak to them, the sharper your own set of questions and expectations for testing will become, which is an interesting advantage for people who return to Eyece for multiple products and tests over time.

That’s how you’ll learn what users really think about your product. Then you can start predicting and planning for its future success.

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