Everyone Wins with Eyece

Eyece brings experts together to create a more efficient and enjoyable tech-driven world.

Our mission is to harness the power of crowds to help businesses develop the most effective and life-affirming apps. People are reliant on apps to do everything from drive to the store safely to meeting the love of their life. Our downtime is spent on our phones, using music and gaming apps.

So it’s important to make sure the big ideas and talented individuals behind these essential apps are able to put forth their best work in a timely and cost-effective manner. We knew that improved app-testing would be a considerable resource for developers but also help users get the most useful apps in their hands, faster.

We created Eyece to close some of the substantial gaps standing in the way of bringing important new apps into people’s lives. Speed and affordability also simply give developers an even playing field, whether they’re part of a large corporation or working with a tiny start-up, which ultimately benefits end users. We get the best products from diverse sources and minds, not funneled through limited avenues of development based on money and opportunity.

Developers Win.

Our new crowd-sourcing platform improves the quality of apps reaching the global marketplace by making it easier for developers to complete several types of inexpensive yet exhaustive trials. Developers then gain greater insights and data points that will let them improve their product.

Testers Win.

Meanwhile, our testers are paid to participate, while also getting to demo and preview the latest apps or the most recent updates to apps they already love. The feedback they offer can dramatically impact what how the final product turns out. In fact, they play an integral role to ensure that they get the most usable and useful version of a potentially life-changing app when its finally released.

Users Win.

But let’s not forget everyone else. End-users benefit by getting their hands on the best possible version of an app as quickly as possible, while companies benefit by reducing time spent in development and making apps more profitable—faster.

It’s a win-win-win—with something in it for everyone.

You should be one of the winners, too. Get involved by signing up with Eyece.

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