End-to-End Testing with Eyece

Eyece offers numerous app testing opportunities that are unavailable through any other companies, software, or platforms.

One of the best things about it, however, is that you can zoom in and focus exclusively on testing and improving one area of your app at a time – allowing you to pick your own priorities.

Many companies are more used to the old way, which considers testing the final step – and part of a lengthy process. It means your app has to be highly usable (and close to complete), so that when you put in front of sample users, they can perform end-to-end testing for you.

What’s End-to-End (E2E) Testing?

If you want to know how your entire application is going to operate from start to finish, in the hands of a real user, mimicking the potential scenarios they might encounter as closely as possible, you’re looking for end-to-end (or E2E) testing.

It’s a common part of the business model for launching new apps, and it’s actually one of the main reasons we created Eyece. We realized that when you want to run end-to-end testing on your product, you can’t produce a satisfactory result with just one kind of user, speaking one language, using one type of smart device. To get a complete overview, you need to know how your app works in the hands of different kinds of people, with different cultural backgrounds and experience levels, working with different systems. If your app runs flawlessly from start to finish against a full range of potential variables, you’re ready for it to debut on a global stage.

But E2E Isn’t Always the Solution…

Testing can (and should) match your timeline, rather than showing up like an afterthought, when a bulk of the work is done. As we mentioned above, sometimes it’s better to start small. It can be beneficial to test individual features and snippets of coding along the way, to see if you’re on the right track. Eyece lets you pay for testing in small batches – for example, 25 tests for $10. Plus, you choose what type of user profile matches the kind of testing you’re trying to achieve.

Keep your momentum going by taking more time to develop trickier parts of your app while testing and perfecting the parts that are finished first. Or: Get the hard parts out the door, because you know they’ll need more testing time, and breeze through the easier coding while the more dynamic aspects are being tested.

Either strategy can be applied with a flexible testing platform like Eyece.

Now, when it’s time to run your end-to-end testing, it’s going to be a shorter, streamlined process. That’s because you’ve already completed significant trials and solved many of your early problems. Because your product might be fully paused during E2E – just before it reaches the public – you can minimize the transition period.

If E2E testing doesn’t keep your app out of people’s hands for too long (and helps you launch a better product, sooner), it can mean big gains for your business.

Complete highly beneficial end-to-end testing – when you need it – with Eyece.

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