Crowd-Sourcing: It’s the Way of the Future

Have you witnessed the power of crowd-sourcing?

Eyece demonstrates that crowd-sourcing can improve how we do business.

It also changes how we think about connecting with others around the world.

The Internet, especially, has changed the way that people are able to connect. It enables us to provide services and feedback to one another, anywhere, rapidly; in fact, one of the big game-changers for software developers has been realizing how this instantaneous connectivity enables crowd-sourcing. From there, it’s easy to see where crowd-sourcing can play a huge role in their business strategy. Whether you’re crowd-sourcing to raise funds for new ventures or to finesse training materials for staff around the world, its potential is mighty.

It also keeps the pressure from landing squarely on one central source – for example, one small team within an overworked start-up – and distributes it evenly among a large group of participants who only need to take on a very small part of the bigger project to ultimately help provide cumulative solutions and huge results.

Crowd-sourcing allows developers and marketers to gather a large amount of data from diverse and unbiased, uninfluenced sources. This data might be used to distill and understand complicated batches of information.

Crowd-sourcing can also be used to collect both experiential and direct feedback.

This is a key feature of Eyece. You can directly observe how users engage with a product or solicit opinions from them how they liked your product, what they’d change, or any challenges they encountered.

Sometimes, it helps to hear from totally unbiased, random testers who don’t know much about your product or what to expect when they get started. However, in other cases, it can be even more useful to put your technology in the hands of experienced users who can pinpoint specific usage errors or give more informed details about what could be improved in order to serve their common needs.

Eyece connects you with Domain Experts – that is, people who have personal, academic, or professional experience that is specifically relevant to your industry or product. You can also choose them based on their location, or you may elect only users with a certain type of device (ostensibly, one or more that they already own and feel comfortable on, to provide you the best insights).

You can also choose to host large, live group events to see what a collective thinks about your product. Having huge crowds using your app simultaneously means that you get to see how it holds up with high traffic and other types of stress-testing.

There are many ways that crowd-sourcing has changed the technological landscape. Eyece is especially proud to put this innovative strategy to use for the sake of testing, upgrading, and debugging apps.

If you haven’t yet witnessed the power of crowd-sourcing, you’re invited to experience its full potential with Eyece.

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