Creating Apps for Choosy Consumers

There are some apps that come along and immediately appeal to mass audiences—based on factors like their industry, interests, or needs (for example, a college textbook app). Some are meant simply to appeal to as many people as possible, such as basic functional programs (think: calculator).

But then there are others, which aren’t meant to appeal widely; instead, they’re meant to target a niche audience. And they might already face some competition in their area of specialization. When you want to attract quality customers from a specific field, it’s important to really nail their need-fulfillment, wish-fulfillment, and area of focus. (For example, maybe you created an app for tracking bird migration patterns. You really need to know how those ornithologists think!)

In addition to apps for niche crowds, there’s also the simple fact that some key audience segments, or even individual members of your intended audience, can simply be … choosy.

With “choosy” users, the key word is “choice.”

No matter what product you’re choosing to purchase or download, it involves finding the product, deciding that it’s something you need, and then making an action to pursue your interest. At each stage of this process, you need the user to keep choosing to go forward with your app, again and again. This means you need to not only figure out what they’re looking for and why, you also need to show them that your app has it—and be able to follow through. Then, once they’ve started using your app, the next essential step is to inspire them to keep it.

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One way to appeal to choosy users who don’t fall neatly into one discipline or definition is to extensively test your app in two ways. The first thing you want to do is test your workable app with a broad cross-section of users in order to get general feedback that will allow you to perfect your product, and also find out what kind of people are naturally already attracted to it. Then, the second thing you want to do is reach out to people specifically based on characteristics that might qualify them as your future choosy users.

You can do general user testing and closely examine your results, or connect with specific user types from a wide ranger of backgrounds, by creating exact test profiles on Eyece.

Eyece lets you connect with people based on various characteristics, ranging from their areas of expertise (on the job or based on their education and experience) to their location or language. You can also choose them based on the devices they have. We call them Domain Experts, and it’s particularly useful for developers to be able to locate them based on their own preferences, or sort out their future user base, by consolidating information from the ones who like their apps best. In that way, developers get to choose the choosy users back.

Appeal to the pickiest of app users by quality-testing your product with Eyece.

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