App Validations from Real Users

When you’ve got a killer idea for a new app, you already know that diligent validation testing is going to be an integral part of ensuring you’ll be able to turn a profit off your final product.

Before you go in for funding, you know you need to have your concept thoroughly vetted and ensure you’re not treading in overpopulated waters. Before you put a lot of time into building your app, you need to make sure that you have a solid and feasible plan to go the distance.

Especially—most importantly—when you finally have a working product that’s ready to be tested. At each of these steps along the way, you’re not only validating for potential, but also for popularity. Eventually, you’ll have the chance to test your actual product for usability and functionality, as well.

But first, you have to get there. And no-one knows better than we do about that journey.

It takes more than a lot of talent and a lot of faith.
It also requires the right tools and strategy.
Because the truth is, not all validation platforms are the same. They don’t all provide the same range of testing and reporting options, which means you could be left with inferior data and information. By the time you’re at this phase, you really don’t want to make decisions that leave you lagging. This is when you’ll want the tools and partners to give you the big boost that takes you across the finish line, putting your completed app into the hands of targeted users. This is when you want Eyece.
Eyece is a relatively new app-testing platform on the market, but it was created to provide opportunities that we couldn’t find when we checked out what was already available—including software that was purportedly all about validations. Despite the fact that there were already some competitors out there claiming they could provide thorough validation for any kind of app, we learned that we could only find the same set of automated, incomplete validation sequences—and they didn’t cover everything we were looking to validate when we started out with our company’s previous software.
In fact, the more of an original idea you have, the more likely you are to get left behind by these one-size-fits-all testing solutions, like Amazon Hub. You’re going to spend a lot of time, money, and talent coming up with creative ideas to help your app stand out—only to learn that existing validation processes were too inflexible to fully encapsulate the artistic integrity and complexity of your end product.
That was before Eyece. We see things differently. Now you have a better choice.
By crowd-sourcing opinions and experiential feedback from real people around the globe, you wind up with invaluable and irreplaceable feedback that caters specifically to your app’s unique features. Whether you want real voices weighing in on the soundness of your idea, or fresh eyes on your proposal before it goes in front of investors, or unbiased minds exploring your beta versions and reporting back against your own set of instructions—it’s all available with Eyece.
We value your original contributions to the tech landscape.
Allow us to validate you. The right way.


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