4 Tips: Building the Best Apps for Smartwatches

When smartwatches became widely available in about 2015, they saw an early surge in popularity. But the continuing uptick in sales that was originally projected thanks to the early success of this new technology never fully materialized.

One reason is that many people bought them for their branding (Apple) and their price point (beyond the means of most households), primarily appreciating these accessories as fads in fashion. Another reason is that people wanted to either remain on the cutting edge of technology or at least look like they were on top of the latest mobile trends. In both cases, it was largely a matter of using the wearable devices in service of a status symbol.

However, one of the reasons that smartwatches didn’t continue to prove irresistible once a greater number of affordable options reached the market is because, from the beginning, people were never entirely sure what to do with their new, high-tech timepieces—or how to make the most of them, in order to justify an ongoing role in their everyday lives.

If you’re developing apps for smartwatches today, here are a few things to think about:

1. Present your app’s functionality first. Some of the most long-lasting and popular apps across all devices have readily apparent functions—like tracking steps or running GPS.

2. Give users the ability to customize it. Many apps encourage users to program functions that have to do with their own lifestyles—like syncing with complementary smarthome devices, whether it means opening the garage door, turning on the lights, or playing music on cue.

3. Enable coordination with other apps. One thing people love most about smartwatches is the ability to receive in-the-moment notifications (whether they’re visual pop-ups or silent vibrations or even sounds) from their other apps, like social media and email. The more your app plays nice with others, the greater appeal and usefulness it’ll have to smartwatch owners.

4. Make it easy to use on-the-go. Obviously, the best thing about smartwatches is that they’re even more hands-free than smartphones. Whether people are driving their cars, at the gym, or carrying purses, it’s great to be able to run features by voice command or just a few light taps.

By helping people understand how your app will improve their lives, you’ll be able to sharpen your approach to building apps for smartwatches.

You can learn how to provide the clearest instructions and most persuasive arguments with Eyece. By letting current smartwatch owners test your apps on their own devices, you can see if your introductory instructions seem clear. You can also survey users about the app’s overall appeal and continued functionality in their day-to-day lives.

Create apps that will help users make the most of the tech they already own with Eyece.

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