Bring Out the Best from Your Engineers – Part 2

Yesterday we posted some thoughts on how to bring out the best from your company’s engineering team and strategy. We focused on the premise of taking your testing and validation data and using it to give your coders the most specific tasks possible.

(For example, you would run several trials on Eyece with a beta, then use that information to give engineers specific glitches to fix or goals to enhance the performance of your product.)

But there’s another advantage to Eyece that could have an even more dramatic impact.

It has to do with the steps that go into building your app before the product testing phase, and how to proceed afterward.

Before there’s even a product to test, your company had to come with ideas—from the app’s concept itself to all of the smaller decisions shaping it along the way. It’s important to have people on your teams with the vision to get there by implementing the fastest and smartest routes, whether they’re able to hash those out at the keyboard or in a meeting.

As you create, you realize that modifications to the initial concept are always needed, and your best engineers can do more than create—they’re also creative enough to participate in the organic process of working out the solutions that will adhere closest to your original vision while also being timely and realistic.

If that all goes well, you’re not in the clear just yet. Your ideal engineers will help you cross the finish line by making the product marketable.

Once you have these wonderful products created to their optimal functionality, you also need to make sure they actually appeal to real people. That’s because the first rule of turning a profit is to provide something that people both want and also need.

Creating it is only half the battle. You also have to market the product in a way that will emphasize the most desirable traits, while also getting that information to the right audience. Then, once those people have your app in hand, it has to work exactly the way that they, specifically, would want it to serve that role for them.

That all comes down to understanding people—and it’s the most important trait that is hardest to find in talented engineers who are also in the top tier of technical talent.

Eyece can help you bridge the gap, however. Using our platform helps your team learn how people think and what they want—whether it’s from observing them interacting directly with your products or letting them take a test drive and then soliciting feedback.

The more you engage real users—especially our Domain Experts—the more your team will naturally advance in their awareness of how people interact with new technology, as well as the differences between their expectations and reality.

This will give your company a crucial edge when it comes to engineering products that will actually take off in the real-world marketplace.

When it comes to launching life-changing app, it goes beyond great code. Eyece can take your engineering team to the next level with invaluable insights from real users.

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