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Eyece’s main feature puts you in touch with Domain Experts all around the world. You get to gather intel and feedback from knowledgeable users who have agreed to run specific trials on your app. It’s an invaluable way to collect information from diverse perspectives, regions, and smart devices.

But there’s a secondary feature that is perhaps even more valuable–because we’re the only app-testing platform on the market today that provides it.

That’s the ability to run group-testing, or crowd-testing. You get a large crowd online together simultaneously and orchestrate a single test or a series of tests.

There are three ways to take advantage of collaborative app-testing with Eyece:

1. “Bug Bash” Events – This event involves inviting a large group of users to explore your app at the same time, in every unique way they can think of. With many people exploring different areas of the app, you can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, and you’re likely to discover any bugs that still exist in the current version. It will help that people are all around the world and working on different devices, which is going to help you spot redundancies or determine the source of bugs faster. For example, if one person is encountering a problem, you don’t need to wait to launch and conclude another individual test case to confirm if another person is having the same problem based on speculation of why it’s occurring. You can speak to others on the spot who are also part of the “Bug Bash” and see who else is having the problem right then, or ask to see if they can recreate it.

2. Real Load Events – In this collaborative event, you’ll have a crowd of users load and engage with your app at the same time in order to force a controlled “stress test.” You can track how your app performs as the number of users scales up or as they increase what they’re asking your app to do. How it’s run is entirely up to you; but for many developers, this can be the first time they see how their product really holds up with the kind of traffic they’re hoping to attain if the app attracts the attention that they’re hoping it will. The worst possible thing that could happen is if you finally get the traction and popularity you’ve been working so hard to achieve—only to see the app crumble under the strain of such a huge load and so much pressure for the first time. Even launch events and in-house stress tests can’t replicate Eyece’s Real Load Events. That’s because they’re done with international users, and all kinds of devices, providing the flexibility to simulate situations that would only occur in the real world.

3. Feedback Events – This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Much like forming a marketing panel, or survey group, you’ll get users together at the same time, looking at your app, with the aim to lead a guided conversation and collect real-time feedback. Sometimes the emphasis of testing is about how the app performs, but sometimes it’s essential just to know what people think, how they like it, and what things they would want to see improved before they’d be willing to pay for it or tell their friends about it. The difference between a top-ranking app in your category in the Play Store and a lower-tier app can simply boil down to how people feel about it, rather than technical proficiency or total number of attributes. Feedback Events can take the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to the more human element of app testing.

Why would you choose another crowd-sourcing service that only lets you do individual testing with your app, when you can really put it to the test against the masses? We can’t think of a single reason.

But we can think of three powerful reasons to choose Eyece.

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