Flutter App Compatibility – Test It First on Eyece

This month at Flutter Live, Google announced the debut of Flutter, an open-source UI framework that will allow developers to build native interfaces for both Android and iOS.
Here’s more exciting news: Eyece makes it easy for you to quickly begin taking full advantage of this new release with our proprietary app-testing platform.
As Flutter 1.0 becomes part of how we do business creating the savviest and most instinctive mobile apps, companies are going be held to a higher standard provide the best possible UI/UX. But you won’t have to worry about meeting those high standards, because Eyece lets you test your apps in advance with hundreds of users around the globe, who can tell you all about their experience with the product.
Our platform might be especially appealing if you’re less experienced with Dart, Google’s programming language for Flutter. Crowd-sourcing user feedback through Eyece will help you eliminate any slight hiccups as you swap between programming languages for various products within your company, or modify the same product for different devices and operating systems.
Of course, this is just Flutter 1.0. Future versions are likely to follow. Because even though Flutter went through six beta and “early alpha” stages before the December launch, once people begin to use it on a much larger basis, around the world, there will be a lot more data to work with that will enable Google to improve upon its first release.
On one hand, that’s a great thing; who doesn’t love good data? You’ve got more feedback to review and more precise information with which to modify your software for peak performance and usability.
(This is the very premise of crowd-sourcing your app-testing with Eyece.)
But you’re also held to higher standards of accountability, especially over time, as your loyal fans and subscribers anticipate that you’ll continue to maintain the quality levels they have come to expect, while also staying up-to-date with the latest software and the current marketplace.
(Eyece can help you accomplish this, and remain relevant over time, as well.)
Ultimately, multiple rounds of soft launches and scores of rapid-fire updates are the kind of thing you’ll want to reduce or eliminate by putting your app through the motions with exhaustive testing available only on Eyece.
And even though you want to quickly get in the game with Flutter, you want to still release something great that’s been thoroughly vetted and tested. But Eyece makes it easy to quickly and effectively test your app’s compatibility—from the first competitive rush to standing out in the app store once your sleek new program is released.
It’s just the latest way that Eyece keeps you on the cutting edge of technology at all times.
(For a quick reminder: There are no contracts and it’s free and fast to set up an account!)
If you want to stand out and make the most of Flutter, don’t skip out on your Usability Testing for both Android and iOS with Eyece.

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