4 Ways to Boost Your App’s Value

Business professionals spend an unbelievable amount of time and energy simply trying to get apps to the market faster.

Sometimes, it’s because you’re racing a competitor, and sometimes you’re limited by your own resources, whether it’s the length of a contract with essential teammates or limited funding.

At the same time, of course, you’re trying to make your apps as effective, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing as possible—so that those long-awaited debuts are met with the kind of reviews that will give them an out-of-the-gate advantage thanks to great press and complimentary word-of-mouth.

No matter the planning involved, however, it’s difficult to take shortcuts once you’re already midstream—and nearly impossible to anticipate exactly how your app will be received in the real world.

Eyece helps you get more testing done—faster—and allows you to steer some of those unknown variables to your advantage.

Here’s how you can improve your app’s outlook with Eyece:

1. Minimize the length of time from design to release. You can begin testing your app even earlier with Eyece. Start getting imperative feedback from real users as soon as possible, so that you can accommodate their feedback while simultaneously continuing to build out the back end. Testing doesn’t have to be its own leg of the journey, taking up more of your valuable time.

2. Minimize device matrix pain with centralized access. Eyece connects developers to users with hundreds of different kinds of personal devices, as well as a variety of operating systems. With access to several generations of phones, tablets, smart watches, and other types of tech, you can choose users with the kinds of devices you already know need a little more trial-and-error—or simply choose a diverse array to cross-test functionality against, giving you the greatest potential to make your software compatible with every kind of user from around the world.

3. Maximize your budget with fixed, low-cost trials. You can start with up to 25 test cases for just $10 (or run a two-hour trial for the same amount). From there, you can scale up according to your needs and budget—but you’ll always know exactly what you’ve agreed to pay up-front. If you do find yourself a little more liquid, or realizing the immense potential for ROI with Eyece, you can always add on by connecting with more users and choosing certain target areas to fine-tune your focus according to prior results.

4. Maximize compatibility by curating your own testing options. Eyece allows for a great deal of customization, so instead of working with a boilerplate model that treats all apps the same, you can achieve highly specialized testing that best matches your goals, product, and company. Check back tomorrow for more about your customization options with Eyece!

We’re happy to continue extolling the virtues of our app-testing software, but as the adage goes:

You’ll believe it when you see it.

Try Eyece’s crowd-sourced app-testing features to see how you can save time and money with the newest and most prescient app-testing platform on the market today.

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