6 Simple Steps to Test Apps on Eyece

Eyece was created to help simplify, shorten, and streamline the testing phase of app development.

Because when you finally have a working product in hand, the last thing you want is to be slowed down during beta testing.

We not only wanted an easy-to-use platform—one that invited you to jump right in, from your very first login, without complicated instructions—but we also wanted to make the app-testing process itself very basic so that both developers (and our testers on the other end) would know exactly what they were getting into with one glance at the big picture.

We’re pleased to say that we succeeded.

Once you create your profile, you can start setting up test cases and run designated trials on your app(s) in just six steps. It’s more efficient than any other crowd-sharing testing service on the market, which is exactly what we intended.

It’s so simple we can walk you through it here:

1. Search for Domain Experts. Set your criteria for testers by choosing from categories including profession, nationality, languages, and more.

2. Create Your Order. This is where you’ll choose the devices that best match your app while describing your product and providing any instructions and files that will complete your order.

3. Checkout. Just like placing any other online shopping order, this is the point where you’d “checkout” by reviewing and confirming your order, as well as providing your payment details.

4. Receive Confirmation. Once your order goes through, you’ll be paired with Domain Experts who meet your criteria. They then have up to 48 hours to agree to accept the conditions you’ve set forth and accept the contract with you. This is when you’re officially a “go”!

5. Review. Once you’ve received the completed work from your testers—the timeframe will vary by case, since you determine the length of testing and other perimeters—you get to review their work.

6. Pay If Satisfied. One of the unique things about Eyece is that developers only pay if they’re satisfied by the work they receive. Once you accept the work from your testers, if it meets the criteria and standards you originally submitted to them, only then do you complete payment.

We know you’re busy, and we know that time is money. You’d rather rely on systems that are automated, so you can move on to thinking five steps ahead. That’s what makes a great developer.

With Eyece, the process is mapped out so that you never have to wonder if you’ve missed a step, but still get absolutely everything out of it. That’s what makes a great app-testing platform.

Let’s see what happens when we work together.

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