Your Future Is Brighter with Eyece

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a magical crystal ball that could tell you exactly how your app is going to perform with the public?

Well, it might not technically be “magic,” but you do have the tools to provide you with those strategic insights in advance.

With Eyece, you can begin predicting how users are going to engage with your app by privately sharing an advance version with hundreds of beta testers from a wide variety of backgrounds, around the world. By comparing their experiences against their profiles, you’ll be able to see patterns emerging that will paint a revealing picture of what you can expect when you share your app with the public – almost as if you were peering into a crystal ball.

Except this is better than magic, because this is real. This is Eyece.

The advantages to early testing begin with the practical – like finding glitches and fixing bugs – but they extend further. For example, you can also start getting an idea of how different kinds of people interact with your app collectively, and how their experience and feedback differs by demographic.

This can provide several benefits beyond the technical ones you might have been originally seeking – like helping you craft even more targeted (and more profitable) marketing plans and sales pitches down the line.

With hundreds of users already signed up with Eyece – and that number growing every day – you have a nearly unlimited combination of traits available to test your app against. The best part is that you have full control over which qualities you’re looking for in your test cases, allowing you to run very specific or more experimental trials.

You can’t predict what you’ll discover. But what you discover can help you predict the best possible version of your app.

When you set up test cases in-house, you’re only able to anticipate and plan for a limited number of variables. Plus, you’re at risk of bias confirmation. With Eyece, you can discover an unlimited amount of new information.

The data you uncover during this discovery process can be invaluable if you’d like to know in advance how future user types are going to interact with your app. Simply seeing how they engage with your app, and how they like it based on feedback, will allow you to start mapping out future user profiles.

You’ll come away with a comprehensive data set that allows you to plan your next steps strategically – without wasting any time or money by focusing in the wrong areas. You can drill down to get to the heart of any user interface or technical problems before they even become problems.

But more importantly, you can tune into the hearts and minds of the users who will ultimately determine your app’s success.

Your app’s future is brighter with Eyece.

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