Your App Could Be a Crowd Favorite

We know how much time, effort, and cost it takes to create an innovative and engaging app. When you’ve reached the point in your development process where you’re just about ready to share your hard-earned work with the world, it’s important that your efforts receive the recognition they deserve.

But how can you ensure that the right people will find – and love – your product?

Eyece is dedicated to helping you share your app with users around the world while receiving critical data and feedback about how it resonates, and operates, with large crowds. Our platform connects developers with voluntary testers with a wide range of backgrounds, locations, devices, and operating systems – providing developers with extremely important insights about how their technology will perform.

With Eyece, you can connect with exactly the kinds of people you’re looking for by tailoring your criteria and budget. For example, you can custom-pick a group of people from locales where your target audience is most likely to reside, and then ensure a 50/50 split between, let’s say, Apple or Android.

Eyece provides an easy and affordable way to crowdsource thoughtful, experience-based analysis, while also testing for bugs along the way. You’ll be able to quickly determine any consistent problems when working in combination with certain languages or interfaces. Plus, our platform helps you track your various trials along the way, and keeps you organized to best implement the results they provide.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn right away if people aren’t loving your product – and why.

Sometimes, developers pour their heart and soul into creating a masterpiece of programming efficiency, only later to learn that their target audience hates the very basics of their user experience or find the design itself off-putting. But you don’t have to learn that too late.

When developers implement the information they accrue from Eyece users early in their process, they have time to tweak things on the back end before giving their product a full launch. By the time you put your newest product out there, you can do it with confidence – and without surprises waiting for you in the hands of your users.

Crowd testing should always be one of the final steps in launching a new app. Eyece makes it easier.

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