The More, The Merrier – When It Comes to Crowd-Testing Your App

You know the saying “the more, the merrier”?

Well that’s definitely true when it comes to testing apps.

Right now just happens to be the merriest time of the year, so it might be time to explore the advantages of crowd-testing apps on a larger scale.

Here’s why you’ll want to reach out to the worldwide users who participate in testing with Eyece:

Our users, aka Domain Experts, all come from diverse backgrounds, regions, and cultures, with varying levels of technical expertise. When they sign up, they fill out a complete profile that allows you to connect exclusively and specifically with the people and proficiency levels that you would like to analyze your system against.

Plus: They’ll tell you which devices they have access to – whether that’s a smartwatch, smartphone(s), tablet, or some other combination.

You can see which iOS system they’re using, which version of the device they own, and how familiar they are with the product (for example, whether it’s used for business or pleasure, as well as their professional background).

We already have hundreds of Domain Experts ready to get started, and that number is growing daily.

You start by browsing your options and defining your own custom perimeters. Then you can stress-test against a variety of factors in the real world, in real time, and get valuable feedback before your app leaves beta. For example, you’ll be able to discover any unique glitches that may arise within a certain region due to internet access or technical compatibility.

Computer simulations can only track for so many variables, and in-house testing can be both limited and costly. But Eyece connects you with real, accurate information from live users – who are rated and paid by developers just like you, selected based on the criteria that you get to choose.

Each test case is less than $25.

With the data in hand to make valuable changes to your final product before it hits the market, you’ll be in great shape to launch confidently. The same goes for upgrading or expanding your app!

That’s thanks to our “the more, the merrier” approach from Eyece.

(By the way: We’re guessing your investors and key stakeholders will likely be feeling pretty merry, too! �)

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