Take Your App Global - Without Leaving Your Office

Facebook. WhatsApp. Instagram. WeChat.

One thing that these hugely popular apps have in common is that they’re popular all around the world.

When emerging apps hope to make it into the big leagues, they’re usually developed with global aspirations and an international scale. But it can be difficult to launch a meaningful new piece of technology that’s equipped to serve large and diverse populations.

Many apps start small, think regionally, and slowly scale up to embrace bigger and more diverse audiences.

This process can be time-consuming, which means leaving money on the table with powerful markets while you can only serve a very niche audience. Additionally, it can be detrimental to your brand if, let’s say, people begin to associate it with a certain type of user and continue to think that the app isn’t “right for them.”

Plus, having your app on the market but missing out on key audiences around the world means that someone else might be able to come in and serve those markets with a competitive product before you’re able to adapt your app to reach them first. All of these risks are things to think about when you’re choose to start small and scale up slowly.

But here’s the thing: You don’t have to. Not when you have Eyece.

Eyece helps you efficiently test your app with a global market, helping to prepare your product for a worldwide launch. Through a single account, you can run multiple tests and connect with hundreds of users – or Domain Experts, as we call them – who are based around the world, from unique cultural backgrounds, who speak different languages.

These days, that kind of access can be invaluable. It can help avoid the kind of scandals that can crop up due to a cultural mishap or language misinterpretation. When you’re launching a new app, the last thing you need is bad PR.

With a streamlined approach to testing your app around the globe, you’ll be able to confidently launch a product that users around the world can enjoy simultaneously, cornering the market faster and without losing out on important international revenue sources.

Try it out now: See how Eyece helps your app take off.

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