Have You Spotted These 3 Extra Perks of Using Eyece?

There are some pretty convincing – and even quite obvious – reasons why a developer would want to use a crowd-sourcing, app-testing platform like Eyece.

For example: instant feedback from a broad and diverse mix of users, with an assortment of devices and experience levels. Or the fact that test cases cost under $25. Guaranteed.

But with so many “obvious” benefits, there are also a few extra perks that don’t get quite as much lip service. Our team thought you’d want to hear about those, too.

Here are a few added bonuses of Eyece:

First, you get to give yourself a break. Really, self-care is undervalued as an important strategic step in the app development process. At some point, you need to let your mind – and your team – take a breath, step back, and relax. This is that opportunity! Eyece is an automated crowd-testing platform, which means we’ll do the work for you. We’ve thought about the variables so you don’t have to. Just choose from a user-friendly menu, and we take care of the next steps, literally putting it into other people’s hands for a while. (OK, so maybe the bright minds who come up with brilliant apps aren’t exactly “take a break” kind of people … we get it. But, at the very least, this could be your chance to turn your brilliance toward other things – and leave the app testing to Eyece).

Another thing to consider is the simple fact that we can help promote your product. Let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things, even if you haven’t even started dreaming of marketing just yet, it doesn’t hurt that this process puts your app in front of dozens or even hundreds of eager new eyes right from the outset. If they love it, or love the promise of what it’s going to be, you’ve already got fans on your side who are likely to share the news about your product by word-of-mouth as soon as it’s live. You could be connecting with some of your earliest adopters and biggest fans.

Last is far from least: You don’t even have to pay if you’re not pleased. There are a number of reasons that your testing setup might not work out for you. For example, we all know the frustration of running into technical glitches at a crucial juncture. Then there’s the potential for human error if users can’t provide useful feedback or fail to interact with your product in the prescribed way. With Eyece, that’s OK. You’ll have the chance to review the results from our Domain Experts, and you won’t pay if you’re not satisfied. Plus, you also get to rate them on their helpfulness. These are a few ways we encourage both sides to make the most of Eyece.

It might seem obvious to give your app early exposure to real users; after all, that’s probably why you’re here! But we hope these extra insights help you truly make the most of your experience with Eyece.

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