3 Reasons Eyece Is Ideal for Start-Ups

Here’s a question we’re asked fairly often: Why should a developer choose Eyece?

We know we’re not the only app testing platform on the market. But as software developers ourselves, we looked at the marketplace and realized there were some essential components still missing from the mainstream competition.

It quickly became apparent that conventional software testing processes don’t really cater to the start-up crowd. Plus, they tend to assume that you have unlimited resources and cash to burn. Even then, you can’t get everything you’d ideally want in one place.

We thought: We can do better. We can do it cheaper, and we can centralize it. So we did, with Eyece.

Let’s break it down by looking at just three of the main reasons start-ups should explore Eyece:

1. Eyece provides more options. Other app-testing platforms are programmed to run a defined number of tests, and those processes are often automated. This means that you can only run a limited set of validations on your product. When you’re trying to create groundbreaking technology, apps simply aren’t going to be one-size-fits-all. So how can these fixed validations ever give you the kind of fully rounded stress-testing that you really need? And how can you apply that data in a meaningful way without harboring some sliver of fear that you’ve either missed a unique bug or overlooked a poorly performing engagement feature if you never look beyond those cookie-cutter tests on UI/UX?

2. Eyece employs real users. When it comes to technology that’s built for everyday use, some things can only be validated by humans. Our Domain Experts, who are based around the world, are paid to explore your app and provide feedback based on its functionality and their own user experience. Real people aren’t limited in how they interact with your app, so you’re not limited in the types of tasks you can test or results you can collect. Besides, why would you use machines and algorithms to try and recreate or predict the same successes and errors that might occur with real customers? In the end, you intend for your app to be used (and appreciated) by humans, not robots. Eyece invites you to put it into the hands of the people who are actually meant to use it. Then you’ll know how it’s really going to perform.

3. Eyece fits every budget. It’s the start-up mantra: Spend smart. There are several ways that big-budget processes actually offer fewer benefits—when you can now get the same thing, or more, for less money from Eyece. One way that large companies get by is to purchase a large number of different devices to test their app on; of course, start-ups and smaller companies don’t have that luxury. If you wanted to get a worthwhile number of device types and operating systems, you’d quickly see your up-front costs add up (and that’s even before you get around to paying your human testers). On the other hand, with Eyece, you’re paying real users to test out your app on devices that they already own. Our Domain Experts mark on their profiles what kinds of tablets, computers, phones, smartwatches, etc. they have, so you can still access a variety of devices—without paying for them yourself. We not only offer a fixed, low cost (starting at $10 per 25 test cases or two hours of UX), but you also don’t have to pay if you’re not satisfied.

These are just a few ways that Eyece helps app start-ups stay on budget while actually getting more out of beta-testing than they would with costlier options on the market.

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